About Blooming Bunting

Blooming Bunting is inspired by a belief that everything we do has an impact on our environment. 


Trusting in community spirit, Blooming Bunting is an experimental venture, conceived by visual artist Ashleigh Downey, following a dream to connect the whole world with colourful bunting.

Instigated by a desire to work on projects that excited her, Ashleigh sets out to develop an initiative that will bring about environmental awareness, inspired creativity, and encouraged social interaction. She looks to present an inclusive project that she feels will make a creative contribution to the community; allow for spontaneity, encourage green thinking, and hopefully make the world that little bit brighter in the process. Thus the concept for Blooming Bunting was born. 

The intention for Blooming Bunting is to unite a worldwide community, by providing a platform; and presenting a project(s) that everyone can take-part in. Blooming Bunting believes in building a true connection between ‘Human+Nature’. It celebrates biodiversity, sustainability, creativity and community spirit.

Blooming Bunting planted its' first seed in May 2015 with The Hanging Gardens of Dublin; a creative, green, community inclusive project, launch as part of BloomFringe 2015.